CharactersAh~ the Slayers family! There's not an un-lovable character in Slayers (well, almost). From Lina to Xelloss, each has a distinct individuality and sometimes rather queer tendencies that give us thousands of reasons to love them (or in some cases, hate them. - -;) Some people have their least favorites, or even characters they hate, but personally I don't see why. And hate shrines in my opinion are a HUGE waste of time. OK. some of them are funny, but some aren't. Once I ran across a Xelloss hate shrine and I found it absolutely disgusting. I do have characters I don't like as well as others but even they play their part. Slayers wouldn't be Slayers without them. ~Elienta


Lina Inverse                       Gourry Gabriev               Zelgadis Greywords

Amelia Wil Telsa Sailune   Shifiel Nels Rada             Firia Ul Cot




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