AmeliaFull Name: Amelia Wil Telsa Sailune
Age: 14
Hair: purplish-black
Eyes: blue
Clan: human
Magic: Astral, White, Black. is also a priestess (shaman? I'm not sure of the exact word in English)
Weapons: her fist?
Other Objects: nothing in particular - some pink balls on her wrist and waist, which look really weird
Something Special: big eyes, just like Lina, a big breast, and a very deeply grooved fingerprint .....
Intelligence: pretty high, I think, but her maturity is another question
Relatives: Prince Phil (father), an uncle (I forgot his name), a lost sister (?)
Hobbies: making Sailormoon-like speeches about justice
Talents: Astral, White Magic, acting like a klutz
Love Life: Zelgadis seems to be (considering the ending sequence of the last ep of Try) but Goddess forbid me to say for sure (puts up a forcefield against irate Zel worshippers)
Desires: ::shrug:: to be a messenger of justice?
Phrases Used Too Often: "You'll be punished in the name of justice!"

 The youngest member of the Slayers gang, Amelia is often branded as annoying and too perky. Hey, she's a princess, what do you expect? This girl's full of ideals about justice, and loves to make impressive speeches in the midst of the most dire situations. She may be annoying from time to time, but she tries her best at whatever she does, and geez, she's only 14, give her a break, people. (Waaaay too young for Zel if you ask me ... he looks better with Dera... ^^;) Slayers would be alot less comical without her, though whether that's good or bad you may judge for yourself. Every character in Slayers has their good and bad points, and however annoying she may be, Slayers wouldn't be Slayers without our Messenger of Justice.