FiriaFull Name: Firia Ul Cot
Age: ?
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Clan: Dragon, Gold
Magic: Sacred
Weapons: a mace, I think it's called
Other Objects: A very interesting looking hat with ornaments on either side. Also a jewel on her breast that has something to do with the fact that she's a priestess.
Something Special: a tail that pops out due to her inexperience. - -;
Intelligence: she's not dumb, but I don't know if she's all that smart either
Relatives: none that I know of
Hobbies: drinking tea, fighting with Xelloss, acting dramatic
Talents: Sacred Magic, smacking people with her mace
Love Life: Xelloss and Val-Garv? ^_^
Desires:a new tea set? - -;
Phrases Used Too Often: "you rotten garbage Mazoku!!"

A rather young and fun-loving Dragon Priestess, Firia seems to be a rather annoying stuck-up Dragon at first. (especially the way she asked Lina to save the world - I did NOT like her at all for the first few eps). But she grows better with time - she's so sweet and cute and earnest! And she hates Xelloss' guts. ^^; Although she has a tendency to over-react and become rather dramatic, she has a great personality and has a habit of drinking tea to solve all her problems. And she has a cute tail. ^_^ Like Xelloss, do not be fooled by her innocent demeanor. She hides a very dangerous mace under her skirt and she knows how to use it.