Gourry GabrievFull Name: Gourry Gabriev
Age: 20
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Clan: human (open for discussion - some insist he's a jelly fish)
Magic: none
Weapons: Sword of Light (Goren Nova); is skilled in swordsmanship
Other Objects: none
Something Special: incredibily long, blond hair that falls over part of his face ::drools::
Intelligence: at times seems to be the same as a dolphin (or a jellyfish, as Lina likes to call him), however he is not as stupid as he seems (I hope)
Relatives: I'm not sure about this part, I think he has a brother.
Hobbies: asking obvious questions
Talents: swordsmanship, eating as much as Lina
Love Life: Lina (although sometimes he treats her like a little girl)
Desires: food?
Phrases Used Too Often: "Can I ask you a question, Lina?"

 Blond, handsome, lovable ... and incredibly stupid at times, Gourry is the first of the companions to meet Lina. He saved her from a bunch of bandits thinking she was a lovely damsel in distress .. not a little girl with a flat bust. At first he followed her around to protect her, but somewhere along the way it became the other way around as Lina followed him to get his Sword of Light. Gourry may seem like he has an IQ composed of two digits at times, but he's sweet and devoted to Lina. I really don't understand why anyone would hate him. He's also quite the gentleman. Not to mention part of an honorable bloodline ... look out Lina. *evil grin* But then again, how is his wife going to feed him? *worried look* Only Lina could keep such a man happy and not go crazy.