Lina InverseFull Name: Lina Inverse
Age: 16
Hair: reddish orange
Eyes: ruby
Clan: human
Magic: Black, Astral, White.
Weapons: a small dagger, can use it fairly well.
Other Objects: four talismans (talismen? ~~;) given to her by Xelloss, which boost her magic abilities
Something Special: big biiiiig eyes and a small smaaall bust (personally though, it doesn't look all that small to me..)
Intelligence: above average, especially when it comes to magic
Relatives: Luna Inverse (sister), parents unknown
Hobbies: chasing bandits and taking their booty, researching Black spells
Talents: Black magic, eating about ten times more than the average human
Love Life: Gourry, but she tends to deny her feelings for him.
Desires: Sword of Light
Phrases Used Too Often: "beautiful genius sorceress"

 Lina Inverse could easily be called the best sorceress of her time. At the age of 16, she has already mastered the highest known spell in Black magic - Dragon Slayer, or Dragon Slave, and can perform two more above it. How she eats so much and stays so thin and .. um ... underdeveloped is beyond me. ^^; Certainly Lina is not known for her beauty or figure, and she herself promptly blasts anyone that tries to make lover-like advances. Whether she really hates the other sex or whether she's keeping someone else (like Gourry) in mind remains to be seen. This sorceress has a temper to match her hair, and fears no one, except for the possibility of her elder sister Luna, who has the title of Cephid Knight. She is anything but girlish, and sometimes can act selfish and self-centered and very wild, but at heart she's just a warm, soft, tender-hearted girl that can do some pretty cool spells.