ShifielFull Name: Shifiel Nels Rada
Age: somewhere inbetween 16 and 20, I would think
Hair: purplish-blue
Eyes: green
Clan: Human
Magic: White, Astral, Black (the last two are rather questionable)
Weapons: Blessed Blade, a wand sort of thing - -;
Other Objects: A kind of long piece of cloth on her cape that seems to mean she's a priestess (Firia has one too)
Something Special: She probably has the most normal hairstyle out of all the cast
Intelligence: quite intelligent, I would guess
Relatives: father (dead), grandfather
Hobbies: hanging around Gourry, casting wacky spells (Flare Carrot? - - ;)
Talents: White magic, cooking
Love Life:Gourry (rather one-sided though)
Desires:Gourry. - -;
Phrases Used Too Often: "Gourry-sama!" (ok, I'm running out of ideas)

 Our sweet Shifiel. She's very nice, warm-hearted, and rather shy. She's also in love with our blond hero Gourry. - -; Of course, he's a bit too slow to notice her not-so-subtle attentions - he likes her, but not in the way she would like, and also likes her cooking. ^^; Which sometimes makes me wonder who he would chose if he was forced to. ^_^ Although she can be somewhat clumsy and is not much of a help when it's time to make an attack, Shifiel is handy to have around afterwards when everyone's bleeding and half-dead. She's also funny in her own way (I still laugh whenever I see the ep where her Flare Arrow turns into a carrot. o_0)