Val-GarvFull Name: Val-Garv (does he have a name other than this? I'm not sure)
Age: uhh... why are there so many people that are so old that you can't count?
Hair: greenish
Eyes: goldish
Clan: Dragon, Ancient. Also has Mazoku blood.
Magic: Black, Sacred
Weapons: nothing in particular: He once used Bodiga (Vodiga? T_T See, this is why I don't like Korean dubs) for awhile...
Other Objects: ? a cool-looking outfit?
Something Special: a horn sticking out of his head, and later in TRY he has wings and one dragon arm
Intelligence: very smart, but is rather on the depressed side
Relatives: ?
Hobbies: playing with his little clicking toy, planning to destroy the world, picking up beings that want revenge to be his servants
Talents: Sacred , Black magic, looking evil and sexy. ^_~
Love Life: Firia ::evil laughter::
Desires: the world to end and be born again
Phrases Used Too Often: "hahahahahahaha!" - -;

The most sexiest villain alive, I swear. ^_^ The once-servant of Ma-ryo King Garv, Val-Garv is a once-Ancient Dragon turned Mazoku who plans to destroy the universe and let it be reborn. I love his voice! And he has a really cool hairstyle. ^_^ He is very cynical and sarcastic, being the last survivor of his kind, and has a healthy hatred towards the Golden Dragons that killed his clan. Although I stated his love life as Firia, I wouldn't be too sure, since he's now a little baby that she takes care of. Do Dragons grow really fast? (like Sailor Saturn - -;)