XellossFull Name: Xelloss (?)
Age: I don't want to know
Hair: purplish
Eyes: also purplish
Clan: Mazoku*
Magic: Black
Weapons: a staff with a red globe on it - I'm not sure when he uses it and when he doesn't
Other Objects:used to have talismans, but Lina has them now. ^_^ He carries around a bag. What the hell is in there?
Something Special: he walks around with his eyes closed!! -_-
Intelligence: he's a Mazoku. Not to mention he's lived for a looooong time. ^_^ I would imagine he's quite intelligent.
Relatives: Zeras, his mother (I think)
Hobbies: appearing just in time, watching instead of fighting, being rather annoying
Talents: Black Magic (not in the same way as Lina though) and gathering information
Love Life: uh... Firia? - -;
Desires: Like all Mazoku - the world to return to the Chaos from which it was born
Phrases Used Too Often:"That's a secret!" (ok, that was very obvious)

Ah, the trickster priest Xelloss. A very cute Mazoku who walks around with his eyes closed and never tells everything he knows. He is never exactly Lina's comrade, but neither is he exactly her enemy. Sometimes he saves her and her friends, and other times he practically leads them right into trouble. - -; At any rate, Xelloss is a much loved character and a very cute villian, and handy to have around to pump for information (although more often than not he will answer you with his usual "that's a secret") Plus he looks verrrrrrry sexy with his eyes open. ^_~ He and Firia would look really cute together. (of course, they would blow their house up almost every day if they ever decided to live together. - -; Don't be taken in by his cute smile. Underneath he hides power that nearly drove the entire Golden Dragon clan to extinction.