Zelgadis GreywersFull Name: Zelgadis Greywords
Age: 18
Hair: lilac-blue (?)
Eyes: blue
Clan: human (right now he has Rock Golem and Blue Demon in him too. I think ~~;)
Magic: Astral, Black, White
Weapons: sword, sometimes he puts a spell on it (Astral Vine? Van? Damn these Korean subs)
Other Objects: ::shakes head:: oh wait, he has a cape with a hood to hide his sexy face.. ^^;
Something Special: blue skin and rocks all over his hot body
Intelligence: very smart. Maybe he's not quite as informed about magic as Lina is, but his brain is full of "odds and ends"
Relatives: umm... Rezo? (grandfather or great-grandfather, not and great-grandfather! Stop thinking incest, for those of you who are!)
Hobbies: acting depressed and gloomy, looking dark and sexy =P
Talents: Astral magic, swordsmanship, and a whole bunch of other things like lock-picking and surveying
Love Life: seems to be Amelia, but I'm not making any statments that I could be murdered for.
Desires: his body to be human again
Phrases Used Too Often: "My goal is to become human again ... for that I can do anything"

 OK, I'm biased ... but he's so hot!! ::ahem:: Anyway, Zelgadis is a chimera, and the sexiest one alive on this earth. ::drools:: He has but one goal, and that is to become human again. For that he'll do anything. At first he seems cold and cruel and all that other dark stuff, but later you can see the warm, fuzzy side of him. My ideal man ... ::sigh:: Many Zel fans would like to murder Amelia for constantly hanging over him. Me? I dunno. She does seem too immature for him at times but I've come to the conclusion he needs some light in his life. I mean, he's always so dark and depressed! Amelia may annoy him to death at times, but he needs some sort of innocent cheerfulness in his life. Never mind she's 14 and he's 18. ~~;