Persephone, slumbering beside Luna, was rudely awakened by the sound of the door to her room being slammed open. Luna's eyes flew open and she sat up as several men came in and unceremoniously took them by the arm.

 "I can walk by myself," Persephone shook their hands off, indignant at such treatment. Luna did nothing but glare at the men, and soon the two girls were walking down the hall with the soldiers surrounding them but keeping a safe distance.

 "What shall we do, Cephid Knight?" Persephone murmured in an undertone. "We are surrounded and outnumbered. Surely they are taking us to the tournament."

 "We will trust Dera-sama and Lina," Luna said calmly. "Even if it is a Mazoku, Demeter-sama will unleash her true power and they will be nothing but dust."

 "Somehow I have a bad feeling about this..." Persephone bit her lip as they climbed a flight of stairs to a high balcony overlooking a large stadium Already people were filling the seats. In the balcony sat two men, one old and bent, the other somewhat younger. Both had eyes that neither girl liked.

 "Ah, Luna-sama and Persephone-sama!" the younger one exclaimed. Luna assumed he was Mutor. "How was your night?"

 "Do you truly believe that your neck will be safe after the Gods know?" Luna spat.

 "Please, Luna-sama, do not be so upset," Mutor said smoothly. "Please, come over here. There is a better view."

 Meanwhile, on opposite sides of the field stood Demeter and Lina. Their friends were looking for seats in the stadium. The two were so far apart that neither one could see the other. There were no other beings on the field yet.

 Demeter ran a hand through her black tresses and took a deep breath. I will win this... and then I shall blast this kingdom and curse its people for several eternities. She bit her lip. Lina is safe, I hope?

 Lina clenched her fists. I've won every fight before, and I'm going to win this one and brag to Dera about it next time I see her. But before then I'm going to make sure this kingdom is nothing but dust.

 Both girls were blindfolded and told to walk towards the center. As of yet there was no other opponent.

Zienna found her seat and sat down. She turned to see who was sitting next to her. Zelgadis' blue eyes stared back.

 "!!??" the two could only stare for a moment. "What the hell are you guys doing here?!"

 "Lina..?" "Dera..?"

 "So I was right," Zelgadis glanced up to the balcony where two slim figures standing at the front could be seen. "That must be Persephone."

 "And that is Cehpid's Knight?" Zienna cried. "Good Zeus."

 "Ok, can I ask a question?" Gourry interrupted. "Both of them are way up there in magic, Dera and Lina, I mean. So who in the heck is the person that's going to fight them - both at the same time?"

 Just then, Mutor stood up and raised his hands for attention. "People of Gaer, thank you for gathering for this special occasion. Today we have a most unusual battle that is about to be waged here in this stadium."

 Neither Demeter nor Lina could hear what Mutor was saying, because some sort of forcefield had been cast over the field. Their friends held their breaths as Mutor continued.

 "Lina Inverse, the most skilled sorceress of her time, and Dera Tajied, the Goddess Demeter's human form, will fight to the death for the lives of their most precious family. And if both contestants live, then all shall die."

 "Fight to the death with who?" Amelia muttered impatiently.

 "The one that loses will loose the life of their loved one as well as their own!" Mutor finished. Zelgadis' eyes narrowed, and he let out an oath. "What, what is it?" Zienna demanded.

 "There is no other opponent," he clenched his teeth.

 "No other opponent? What do you-" Zienna froze, and his eyes turned to the field where Demeter and Lina were facing each other with blindfolds. "...Oh, no."

  Horror dawned in Zienna's eyes as she realized what they meant, and Amelia let out a gasp. Gourry looked confused (as usual). "What are you guys talking about?"

 "They will fight... against each other," Zelgadis spat. "And the one living will get her loved one back."

 "...what?!" Gourry stared.

 Luna and Persephone, flanked by several Mazoku, looked down in despair and horror as Demeter and Lina both got ready to attack. Luna glared fiercely at Mutor. "You vile human, do you think you will live after this?!"

 "I don't think you've quite understood what's happening here, Luna-sama," he said as if he were greatly amused. "Begin!"

 The two girls quickly launched into an attack. "Fireball!" "Flare Arrow!"

 "Lina-san, stop!" Amelia screamed. Zelgadis shook his head. "There's a barrier around the field, they can't hear us. And even if they did and figured out the truth, what will they do?"

 "Gaav Flare!" Lina cried, firing a blast of fire. Demeter barely escaped being roasted and leapt toward Lina with her sword outdrawn. Lina sensed the attack and did a "Levitation!" but Demeter touched the point of her blade to Lina's leg and shouted "Digger Volt!" Lina cried out in pain as she fell to the ground. A sword point came dangerously close to her neck. She rolled away and did a "Bomdi Winds!" that blew a cloud of sand into Demeter's face. As she stepped back, Lina got up and threw a "Dynast Blast!". It caught Demeter on the side and she winced as it burned into her skin. She drove her sword into the Earth. "Forces that give life to all beings, curse the enemy that stands in my way!I" A green circle flashed around her. "Gaea Fury!"

 Lina froze as she heard that spell, then made a barrier just in time. That's Green Magic! There's no way that a human could do such a high spell in Green Magic - it's nothing but a legend to most humans. The only person I've ever seen to use that spell.. is.... !!!!

 Demeter sensed her opponent hesitating, and she too paused for a moment. "...?"

 "...De...ra..?" a hesitant voice reached her ears.

 "...!?!?" Demeter nearly dropped her sword. "Lina?!"

 Lina felt something in her twist at the voice which she had been desperately wishing not to hear. "Oh my God..."

 Demeter realized in a flash at what was happening and tore her blindfold off. She nearly screamed at the sight of Lina in front of her, bleeding and bruised from her attacks. Lina also took off her blindfold, and the two could do nothing but stare at each other.

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