InformationHere you can find all the information you've ever wanted about Slayers! (well, not exactly - -;) I imagine this part of my page is just like any other page, if not worse. T_T Most of what is in here is original, except some of Slayers and all of Slayers NEXT. Which is why I beg your pardon if any of the information is less than accurate. It's just that hey, I'm human, and I can get biased when I write, right? ^^; Forgive me if I tend to make Zelgadis seem cooler than he really is (which, of course is impossible, because he is close to perfect... see what I mean? - -;) You may take whatever you like, but if you're planning to post this information word for word then I ask you to put a link or something indicating that these words of genius are not your own. ^_^ ~Elienta

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