Episode #1
The story starts in the center of the camp of the Dragon's Fang (Dragon No Kiba), with the bandits basically having a big party. Suddenly, a light appears in the sky, falling to the ground... and explodes, setting everything on fire! Enter Lina Inverse, a beautiful and genius sorceress (or so she says), also known as Bandit Killer. Bye-bye, leader.

Our heroine wastes no time in gathering her part (namely, all) of the booty and high-tailing it out of there. With the remainder of the gang on her tail, of course. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson by now. After flatly denying their invitation to join the gang (what do they take her for?), Lina is ready to blast these guys when someone appears on the scene. Of course, the inevitable white knight who always appears to rescue the lady in distress. Before Lina knows what¡¯s going on, her knight in shining armor, Gourry Gabriev, makes mincemeat out of the rest of the gang. Lina decides to play along and shrieks in absolute terror (?) during the heated fight.

Most proud of himself for saving a weak damsel in distress, Gourry turns to Lina -and is immediately disappointed. "Where's your daddy, little girl?" he asks, rather crestfallen. Lina is, of course, furious, but in the end agrees to be accompanied to Atlas City by Gourry.

Lina and Gourry make a stop at a village to have a bite. A rather large bite. While they are frantically eating their food, the village elder, Saman, walks up and instantly recognizes Lina as a powerful sorceress, responsible for taking out several notorious bandits in the past. He also recognizes her as the Dragon Spooker (Dora-Mata)... and when Lina asks him to elaborate, he responds, "It's short for "Dragons Step Past Out Of Clear Revulsion", to which Lina reacts... well, not very well. Saman continues, asking Lina to take care of the Dragon's Fang. Lina replies, "I already took care of them," Saman is surprised, assuming that she meant the dragon. Lina looks at Gourry, who turns to her. "Did you kill the dragon?" he asks, to which she replies to the effect of "was there a dragon?"

A black dragon's roar rocks the diner from above.

Saman storms back in, yelling, "Why didn't you take care of the dragon?!" Lina replies with beautiful unconcern, "I didn't know." Asking Saman for 25 gold pieces, Lina and Gourry agree to dispose of the monster.

Upon seeing the dragon, our heroine is slightly taken aback at the enormousness of the creature. Saman tell her that the dragon had been bought by the leader of the Dragon's Fangs while he was a small child, for the price of three bronze pieces. Lina nods and fires a fireball at the dragon, which does little more than irritate him. Gourry also tries attacking him, but gets brushed off with a wave of a claw for his pains and lands right on Lina.

Stuck underneath Gourry, Lina struggles to escape as the dragon draws near. About to crush the two with its foot, the dragon looks down at Lina.

The dragon stares and steps past out of clear revulsion.

Lina charges after the dragon, not a little outraged. Quickly she does a "Levitation!" and throws Gourry at the beast to keep it busy. While the two are getting to know each other, Lina starts reciting a strange spell "Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows, buried beneath the sands of time..." She aims it straight at the dragon and cries "Dragon SLAAAAVE!" Farewell, Mr. Dragon - and about most of the city as well.

Saman walks up to Lina as she removes Gourry from the mess. She demands her payment. He points out that she did more damage than the dragon ever could have. What is she going to do about it? Lina replies, "I'll...", as she taps Gourry on the shoulder and bolts, "... let you handle it!" And away the two go, chased by irate villagers as they make good their escape.

Episode #2
Two strangers are observing the aftermath of Lina's spell. One, wrapped in bandages like a mummy - -; relates his tale to the hooded stranger with gray skin. (::drools::) Zolf (the former) appears to have been at the scene when Lina destroyed the Dragon's Fang camp. He as well was burned in the flames. He vows to get back at Lina, while Zelgadis just shakes his head.

Meanwhile, Lina and Gourry are going onward to the next village. Searching for a magic shop, they eventually find one, but Lina suddenly gets the idea to make her booty more valuable. She decides to go into an abandoned building to 'sort out' the valuables in private. As she sorts, she finds that she has an 'Orihalcon' statue, an enchanted dagger, some old coins, and a lot of jewels. She uses some magic to turn some rubies into amulets. (more valuable, I guess. - -;)

Lina returns to the magic shop where Gourry is patiently waiting, and proceeds to sell her goods. The amulets sell well, but when the shopkeeper examines the dagger, he is enchanted by it. "I'll take this dagger and I'll take your lives with it!" he yells, attacking the two. Lina quickly jumps out of the way and Gourry tries to hold him back, only to be thrown on Lina. Major customer service problem, as Gourry comments. Chasing them behind the store into a courtyard, the keeper is ready to carry out his threat. Lina finally tells Gourry to use his sword, but an unexpected savior - the wife of this mad man - appears and starts screaming at him for leaving the store unattended. Beats a spell any day. He snaps out of it and Lina gets her dagger back.

They proceed on their journey until nightfall, and then they decide to stay at an inn. But who should arrive to break up the party but Zolf plus several trolls. Lina and Gourry attack, but trolls have regeneration powers that don't let them be hurt for long. So Lina enchants three of them and asks Gourry to wound them. He complies by flicking acorns at them. Suddenly they ...well, disintegrate? The spell she cast turned their healing powers around to do the opposite. You can imagine the result. Zolf convinces the other three trolls to continue the attack, and Lina defends herself by stabbing one with her sword. The troll's healing power allows him to hold onto the sword while he swings his club towards Lina, but she casts a quick "DIGGER VOLT!" and the troll gets zapped and falls over in a rather charred state.

Lina raises her hand and starts to chant a spell. Zolf and his buddies, assuming it's a fireball, hightail it out of there. But it turns out it was nothing but a light spell. As soon as everyone is able to breathe again, Gourry lectures Lina on the seriousness of pranks. - -;

But there's still the matter of the rather wrecked inn. Lina offers the owner a ruby accompanied by a sincere (?) apology and an innocent face. He accepts, and Lina and Gourry trudge upstairs to talk about what just happened and why they were attacked. Just then someone raps at their door and a (very sexy) voice hisses, "I would like to make a purchase.."