Episode #5
Lina awakens to find herself at the end of a rope (not from HER rope, A rope), in the center of what seems to be an abandoned church. Zelgadis, Zolf, and Dilgear the werewolf are standing around her, demanding that she reveal the whereabouts of the Orihalcon statue. Lina of course refuses, saying that she put a spell on it so that they couldn't track it with magic. Zelgadis realizes that that kind of magic is nowhere near the weak magic Lina used in the earlier battle and concludes that, for Lina, it's "just that time of the month." - -;

Zelgadis leaves, telling Zolf he can do as he likes to Lina... and then Zolf gets a prompt boot in his face. Zolf tries to get Dilgear to show Lina his fearsome fangs in an attempt to intimidate Lina. At first it seems to work, because Lina starts telling Zolf the location of the statue in a quiet whisper. When Zolf leans closer to hear better, Lina screams at the top of her lungs and nearly busts Zolf's eardrums.

Annoyed, Zolf calls for Noonsa. A giant fish with legs and arms enters, terrifying Lina as Zolf snaps at Noonsa to "give the girl a kiss!" Noonsa is all too happy to obey. Lina, disgusted, kicks the mutated salmon and he flies into the other three. She instantly follows this attack with a scathing verbal one. Zolf has had quite enough of Lina's mouth by now, so he gags her and gleefully insults her when she is powerless to retort. ~~;

Meanwhile, an odd sound of clanging is heard outside. Zelgadis, asleep, hears the sound in his dreams and has a nightmare about his past. In the dream, a younger, human Zelgadis is training when Rezo, the Red Priest, arrives. Rezo entwines his aura around Zelgadis, transforming him into a chimera. Zelgadis awakens from his dream in a cold sweat (do golems sweat?)

Lina, asleep, is rudely wakened by Zelgadis' voice. She looks up as he takes his sword and brings it down. Lina falls to the floor as the ropes fall from her hands. As Zelgadis tosses Lina's armor and cloak back to her, she makes a wild guess, "You must've fallen for your lovely captive, right?" Zelgadis' glare tells her no, and they escape. On their way, Lina stops at a lake for a short drink, and is pulled under water when Zelgadis isní»t looking.

Enter Noonsa; he drags Lina to the floor, but she manages to escape from his grasp. Noonsa charges at Lina for an attack, which Lina sidesteps, as Noonsa charges himself into the sand.  Noonsa shakes himself off and charges again, only to find himself buried once again. Lina tries to escape, but Noonsa unleashes a horde of spines into the water, forcing Lina to hide behind a rock. Just when she is about to pass out from the lack of air, Zelgadis appears behind her, surrounded by a Raywing spell. Zelgadis lets Lina into the sphere and she is able to breathe.

By this time Noonsa's actually figured out where Lina is (maybe he's far-off relatives with Gourry?), and charges at the sphere. Zelgadis and Lina get out of the sphere, letting Noonsa into it. Once he's inside, Zelgadis casts a fireball, roasting Noonsa to a crisp.

Zelgadis and Lina resume their journey, and Zelgadis reveals to her that he wants nothing more than the Orihalcon statue. Lina figures that for now Zelgadis is her bodyguard. As they continue their journey, they walk into an old acquaintance... Rezo, the Red Priest.

Episode #6
Rezo is slightly pissed at Zelgadis for letting Lina get away, saying that it's obvious now that he's against him. Lina, presently ignored by the other two, now realizes that they were originally working together. Zelgadis argues with Rezo, claiming that while he did want to be more powerful, he didn't want to be transformed into a chimera. Lina tries to step out in the confusion, but Zelgadis grabs her and hurls her at Rezo. "Using the girl as a shield, Zelgadis?"

Not quite. As Zelgadis rushes past him to pick up the tossed Lina, he tosses a flurry of fireballs behind him to keep Rezo occupied. And so they escape.

Back at the hideout, the crispy carcass of Noonsa is returned. "Who could have done this... to reduce him to this crisp, delicious-looking morsel?" At that moment, a vision of Rezo appears and tells Dilgear that he can get his revenge by destroying the traitor Zelgadis. The other dudes are busy attending to their dead comrade... "YOU ATE HIM ALL?!"

Lina and Zelgadis take time out beside another lake, and Zelgadis tells Lina his story. Rezo really is the true Red Priest, "but suppose he wasn't always what he is now?" Rezo told Lina that Zelgadis wanted to resurrect Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo, the Dark Lord, with the Orihalcon Statue, yet Zelgadis knows nothing about Shabranigdo. He tells Lina that he and Rezo are both after the Philosopher's Stone.

Obviously, the Philosopher's Stone is hidden within the Orihalcon statue, which Lina gave to Gourry for safe-keeping. The Philosopher's Stone works as a magic amplifier, and is said to be a small part of the Staff of Gods upon which the world is supported. The Philosopher's Stone can give its wielder the potential to do practically anything he/she desired, such as destroying a kingdom. Zelgadis supposes that Rezo wants to restore his sight with the Stone's power. Zelgadis wants to use the Stone to kill Rezo for making him into a Chimera. Lina asks how Zelgadis knew Rezo and he tells her that Rezo is most likely his grandfather or great grandfather. (OR people, it's OR, not AND!!! Please don't exert yourselves to try to figure out what the hell the relationship would be if Rezo was both)

It's getting boring, how about another attack? Twenty or thirty trolls, led by Dilgear, surround the two. Dilgear, after Zelgadis for revenge of Noonsa's death (?), is held at bay by Zelgadis' Dug Haut spell. The spell causes spikes to rise upwards out of the ground and skewer the vast majority of the trolls (ew), leaving Zelgadis and Dilgear. They lunge at each other.

Zelgadis and Dilgear fight, until Zelgadis manages to slice Dilgear's shoulder. Dilgear, though, is half-troll, so the wound quickly disappears and Dilgear strikes back, catching Zelgadis in the stomach. only Zelgadis is one-third golem, so Dilgear's sword shatters from the impact against the stone. "If you wish to kill me with a sword, it had better be the Sword of Light!" Dilgear makes a hasty retreat.

Lina and Zelgadis resolve to continue to Atlas City, where they will hopefully rendezvous with Gourry and retrieve the Orihalcon Statue and the Philosopher's Stone as well.

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