Episode #11
Lina has received word where Prince Philionel will be passing by, so she drags Gourry to the crossroads where she decides to stay and wait, convinced that the Prince will fall in love with her and propose the moment he sees her. Gourry for once seems to have more sense than our heroine, as he decides not to waste his time and go ahead into city.

On his way there, Gourry encounters a confrontation between a traveler and a bandit. Since he has some sense of justice (unlike our rather greedy heroine) Gourry is about to step in, when a young girl dressed in white beats him to it. She jumps, poses, and... lands flat on her face. Undaunted, she stands up and continues to prove herself a klutz - until she casts a Diem Wing spell and throws the bad dude into the river. Then she throws a Burst Rondo and finishes him off. Then she turns and sees Gourry. "Do you work in a pet shop?" It turns out that this girl's name is Amelia Wil Telsa Sailune (I swear,, she's the shortest member and her name is twice as long as everyone else's). She finds out that Gourry is a swordsman, and offers to hire our blond hero.

By this time, Lina has had it. Succumbing to her instinct, she heads to a restaurant. While she's there, a blond-haired priest followed by a dark-haired, rather grizzly looking man. The priest asks Lina for assistance. "For what?" Lina asks. "Would you like me to get rid of the bandit king behind you? Or is he a dwarf?" The man who has been reduced to a bandit dwarf by our heroine presents a crest on his sword. The Crown Prince Philionel el de Sailune, and the blond priest Randy make themselves known to Lina, who nearly has a heart attack. (The Prince of Thieves? - -;) But Prince Phil declares himself to be a pacifist, and that his armor and clothes are just a disguise.

The rather crestfallen Lina introduces herself, and it seems her reputation precedes her yet again: "Lina, the Bandit Killer!" Randy and Prince Phil wish to hire her as a "Monster Exterminator", to do away with the monsters that are bothering the townspeople. Lina is not very interested until a reward is mentioned. Then she is eager to do justice. ^^;

The next day they make their way to the cave where the monsters dwell, and Lina (after taking a bath) is ready to Dragon Slave the entire mountain down. But Phil says that it is not right to destroy things like that. So they venture in. Lina has little problem with the monsters - those that aren't scared by her name will be by the time she gets through with them. "BALUS ROD! DAM BRASS! DIGGER BOLT! LY BRIEM! ASSHA DIST!"

Somehow or another they find a door, which Lina eagerly opens, to find a man sitting on a throne. "I've been waiting for you, Prince Philional," "Will you PLEASE not call him a prince?" Lina pleads. The party continues to walk on. Randy walks so far on that he stands beside the man on the throne. It turns out that he is third in line to be king, and Prince Phil stands in the way. Everyone looks at Phil, who is stunned. Randy informs them that he just wanted "to rule and stuff."

 Suddenly Amelia's voice is heard in the cave., threatening to right the wrongs and protect her dad, etc, etc. As she stands tall (on Gourry's shoulders) Phil cheers her on, saying to Lina, "That's my dear daughter!" Amelia starts to furiously attack Randy and the wizard, until they summon up creatures which Phil and Amelia quiet easily dispose of. Lina and Gourry watch from the sidelines. Until two fireballs clash together and create an explosion. Randy and his sidekick are burned and gone, while the others make it out alive. Phil asks Amelia why she was following him, and she tells him that she was just wanting to go on adventures like he did!

By this time, Lina's about sick of the father-daughter bonding, and asks for her reward. "Randy was carrying the money." Ah, how about Amelia, wouldn't she have any money? No, she spent all her money finding her dad. But Phil says that Lina can get her reward back in Saillune. So to Sailune it is.

Episode #12
On their road to Sailune, the group meets up with some bandits attacking a traveler. Our ever eager Amelia rushes forward to do justice - but ends up doing nothing but injuring the traveler. Lina, on the other hand, starts attacking the bandits with her bare hands, until Amelia mentions her name. Oh, going so soon? Lina is rather pissed at the way they ran at the mere mention of her name and unleashes a Dragon Slave.

As they make their way to dinner in the next village, Amelia is totally awestruck by Lina and begs for her to teach her the spell. She thinks the Dragon Slave is a spell that should be used to punish villians, and vows that she is ready to undergo any sort of training to learn it. Phil is swelling with pride over his daughter, and the crowd is touched by her speech. But Lina seems unmoved.

Phil and Amelia stand on a stone henge while Lina talks the matter over with Gourry. Lina is loathe to teach such a spell to Amelia -  a spell that is the most poiwerful Black Spell known. Amelia is trained in the ways of White magic, which is mostly healing, while Lina's specialty is Black Magic - destructive magic that feeds off evil energies. To make her point more clearer, Lina asks Gourry to imagine what Amelia would be like if she knew the spell. Scary thought.

Amelia however, is persistent, so Lina agrees to start the training. She starts by making Amelia do squats, then makes her do labor rather then teach her the spell. "She'll give up on her own."

While pulling her father up a mountain on a cart as part of training, Amelia loses her grip and they tumble back down, bumping into an old woman on the way up. They learn that the mountain is in the middle of the town, causing people to either climb the mountain or spend a day walking around it. Phil and Amelia resolve to do a good deed and eliminate the mountain - with Lina's help.

For some reason, Lina agrees, and the mountain becomes naught.. The trouble is, she also destroys the shrine on the mountaintop which had sealed ghouls within the mountain, and now, they're all free. Amelia again begs Lina to use the Dragon Slave to destroy the ghouls, but Lina, exasperated, snaps "No matter how strong a spell is, it's useless unless you can judge when and where it must be used!!"

While Philionel is talking with the ghosts and trying to tell them the meaning of life, Amelia darts back to where the mountain stood and grabs a Stone of Binding from the rubble. She begins to cast a spell, then unleashes "MEGIDDO FLARE!" and forms a pillar of energy which sucks the ghouls back to where they came from. Then she thanks Lina for teaching her such an important lesson, understanding the reason why Lina didn't teach her Dragon Slave. Lina is pleased that Amelia has figured this out, but she just wants to get to Sailune...

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