Episode #13
At last, our heros have reached Saillune. Phil says, "No other city in the world is as safe or has as much to do as Saillune." Lina makes not comment at all, she is busy at the moment with two quadruple-decker ice cream cones. Walking towards the castle, they encounter a rather evil portrait of Lina. There's also a 500,000 gold piece bounty attached to it. Gourry and Zelgadis are also honored in the same way..

Philionel and Amelia confront Lina, "The law can be merciful if you confess now." "Lina, you're really a bad guy, aren't you?" Lina like, "Uhm... I don't think I've done anything really bad lately..." but then the Black Iron Knights appear to arrest Lina and Gourry. Phil stands back while Amelia joins the guards, who then point their swords at Sailune's most wanted. Lina casts a Lighting and then casts Levitation and Ray Wing to make their escape.

"Keep my reward for being your bodyguard waiting!", she yells to Phil, then runs into a safe corner with Gourry. She figures they can solve their problem is they find the people who put the bounty on their heads. More knights appear, and Lina presents them with a Digger Volt. The two escape .. to run into some more warriors.

Several bands of attackers later, Lina and Gourry find a cage, with a unicorn's horn inside. What an obvious trap. And who but Lina could get caught in it.. Zangulus, a swordsman with wavyblack hair, and Vrumugun, a sorcerer with a red stone in his forehead, appear to claim their prize. They are taking Lina to Sairaag, where someone awaits her. They capture Gourry as well, threatening to toast Lina if he resists.

Both of them are now in a prison - Lina especially is wrapped in chains and has a circlet on her head that shocks her whenever she tries to use magic. But eventually she's able to cast a Flare Arrow, and the two make their escape, meeting their captors along with Amelia on the way. The three are wrapped up in Lina's former chains, and then fried by Lina who uses the chains as a conductor.

Meanwhile, Gourry retrieves his sword and quickly throws Lina in the air to cut her circlet. Then they head outside, chased by Vrumugun and Zangulus. Lina encounters the sorcerer in the air, casting a Flare Arrow which is matched by a Freeze Arrow from Vrumugun. Gourry has found an opponent for his Sword of Light with Zangulus' Howling Sword, which sends out waves of energy when swung.

Amelia has awakened by this time, and is still determined to defeat Lina. Lina shouts that the stories Zangulus made up were lies, and tells Amelia to just look at them and see who looks like the villian. Amelia thinks both do. In the end she solves the problem by saying that the good guys never die, and casts a Fireball to bury everyone at once.

Lina and Gourry struggle out of the rubble, and Amelia says she "knew all along Lina was the good guy." The two decide to go to Sairaag to find out who is trying to capture them, and Amelia decides to follow them to right this grave wrong. Also to escape from the wrath of her father when he finds out who destroyed half the city..

But are Zangulus and Vrumugun really dead?

Episode #14
Things are getting worse for our heros as they are forced to dodge numerous bounty hunters and robbers on their tail. Lina and Gourry are forced to dodge and run - and finally get trapped within a snare-trap. Who else should it be but Vrumugun and Zangulus with a bandit band to boot. Zangulus, saying that he doesn't want to fight someone tied up, lets Lina and Gourry loose. Then the sorcerer makes an offer to Lina - if she surrenders, then they will take her to Sairaag unharmed. Lina declines this tempting offer and they get ready to leap at each other when a low, threatening growl makes everyone freeze in fear. A Mazoku, perhaps? Nope, just Lina's stomach. Lina and Gourry brace themselves  - and run. Backwards. VERY fast. The bandit leader gets rather upset and orders his gang to follow them

Amelia's standing on a cliff not too far away, weighed down with groceries and looking for Lina and Gourry. She spots the dust raised by the chase and waves to them. Lina eagerly casts Levitation, but is weighed down by Gourry and the bandits and Amelia herself, who jumps to help them. And she does, sort of, but all the food is wasted. Lina is furious and tries to control herself, but fails (of course) and starts torturing poor (?) Amelia when she is interrupted by the smell of roast chicken.Yet another trap. Does Lina care? I don't think so. But does she need to? No way. She and Gourry make dust out of the golems, but before they get to dine in earnest, a boulder comes rushing towards them. Gourry is not fast enough... ouch.

Lina and Amelia stay just ahead of the boulder, as it rolls all the way out the tunnel and down the side of the mountain, and a swift Dug Haut by Lina stops the boulder from landing on top of them. Poor Gourry. He pulls himself free of the boulder just in time to get hit by Vrumugun's Freeze Arrow spell. Lina and Amelia drag Gourry and make a quick get away.

They find a raft near the river, land on it, and set sail. While they're waiting for Gourry to melt, they float right past the bandits, sweetly wave, and watch the bandits set off the traps that were waiting on the road downstream as they try to follow the party.. But just as seem to be going well, Vrumugun's icicles block the raft and stop it. Gourry, who is alive again, slices their way through, but now they meet Zangulus who taunts Gourry then jumps. Lina and Gourry get ready to meet him when he lands, but Amelia shrugs. "It never works," she says from her own deep experience, and it doesn't. He falls into the water, right in front of their noses.

To appear behind the raft, standing on the water - or is that a fish head? Oh, it's a river monster. He starts a fight with Gourry, and Amelia keeps the monster from eating the boat with several blows. "I HATE FISH!" And what should appear but a waterfall, as is the rule of all animes and movies in such a situation? Over they go. Gourry and Zangulus are still dueling on what's left of the raft . Lina is underwater where she meets the monster, who makes the mistake of thinking she would be tasty. She quickyl relieves him of that thought, then pulls herself to shore where Vrumugun is holding Amelia hostage. Lina is very pissed by now, and Amelia cheera her on by saying, "Don't worry about me, get the bad guys!" You bet. "Power beyond darkness, crimson beyond blood that flows.."

Take cover! Amelia and Gourry get to safety, while Zangulus is blown sky high and Vrumugun is caught in the middle of the spell And so everything ends for today... but Lina's (and Gourry's) hunger has not yet been satisfied.

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