Episode #1
(taken from
Slayers Universe)

Lina and Gourry head into a new town, wanting to see a particular book which is only on display once a year. She thinks it might be one of the legendary Clair Bibles. Lina is eating, as usual, when suddenly a fight breaks out in the restaurant. Never, ever mess with Lina's dinner... Lina and Gourry then end up fighting. Now, it just so happens that Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, princess of Saillune, is also in the town on some business with the king. Amelia hears the commotion and thinks of Lina... and suddenly, she SEES Lina. But Amelia has some important business... and doesn't want Lina to blow something else up, so Amelia splits.

The king and his daughter Martina are building up their nation's military in hopes of taking over more territory. Amelia is sent as an ambassador from Saillune to demand that they cease their hostile actions. Figuring that if they capture Amelia, Saillune will not attack them, the king hires a mercenary - Zelgadiss Greywars. So, while Amelia is deciding whether or not to fight Zelgadiss, a close friend of hers, they calmly begin tying her up...

Lina suddenly shows up, blowing up part of the castle in search of the book. Indeed, she already has it. But, hey, she saves Amelia too. The book, though, is a manual for an old, outdated mechanical golem, and not a Clair Bible, much to Lina's and Zelgadiss' disappointment. Zelgadiss, now knowing that the book is not the Clair Bible, turns on his employers. Martina fires up the golem and starts attacking Lina for destroying their castle.

But then the golem runs out of control, and Martina and the king beg Lina to stop it. Sound the alarms, it's time for the Dragu Slave... Lina destroys the golem, and much of the city. But who's that mysterious figure in the background...?


Episode #2
(taken from
Slayers Universe)

Lina and Zelgadiss look around for some more leads on the Clair Bible. Amelia follows, because there's no way she can return to Saillune for a while... Of course, the first place Lina checks out is the local diners...

So, that evening, while everyone else's all snug in their beds, Lina's out tearing up the town trying to find more information on the Clair Bible. But none of the villagers seem to know a single thing... does everyone's memory disappear once they're burning to crisps? Lina does get one important contact, though... Xelloss. Introducing himself as a priest, Xelloss mentions that he is also looking for the Clair Bible. As to why he's looking for it, he says that it's a secret. Xelloss points the group towards the a particular group of bandits, saying that they might have some information. He then disappears as mysteriously as he came.

The group tracks down the bandit group, minus Zelgadiss, who doesn't trust Xelloss' information. Xelloss reappears beside Lina, warning her to just watch. He had told the bandit leader that someone was after them: "When in danger, humans always head right for their important belongings." The bandit cracks a picture-frame and pulls out four pieces of what seems to be a manuscript... then Zelgadiss attacks, taking the map and running! Lina chases after him... but Xelloss is the one to swipe the manuscript away, disappearing from Lina's side. He flits to the top of the building and dashes off. Xelloss destroys the manuscript after reading it, saying that it wasn't what he was looking for and that it wasn't what Zelgadiss was looking for, either.

Ah, but what about Martina? Her kingdom destroyed, she's got to fight cats for the scraps in garbage cans...