Episode #9
(taken from
Slayers Universe)

Philionel and Amelia return triumphantly to Saillune. Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, and Xelloss just follow along, it seems... Philionel asks the group to act as his bodyguards. Lina... eventually agrees, it seems. But, as they talk, some other people walk in. One is known as Alfred, the other two are Kanzeil and Mazenda. Kanzeil and Mazenda seem to be the retainers of Christopher, Phil's younger brother, and they talk some trash for a while, sizing up Lina.

Well, Lina and Amelia try to see exactly what's going on. They talk with Alfred, Christopher's son, for a while and learn a little more about the dispute between Christopher and his older brother Phil, and figure out that it was probably them who set the explosion which supposedly killed Philionel a while back. Alfred accuses his own father of plotting to kill Philionel for the crown. So they go out and investigate.

Well, Mazenda and Kanzeil trap Lina and the group inside an alternate world. Threatened with a giant monster, Lina realizes that they can't win on the opponent's turf and finds a way out. She and Amelia head back to what seems to be the building in the exact center of Saillune and trap Mazenda in the mystic six-pointed star. Only... Mazenda breaks out. Not only that, she launches a counterattack on Lina, forming a five-pointed star... which prevents Lina from casting any of her spells! Shocked, Lina and Amelia are left on the ground as Mazenda and Kanzeil make their escape.


Episode #10
(taken from
Slayers Universe)

Well, Lina can't even cast lighting so we know it's not just "that time of the month" again as in the first season. So... she's feeling pretty useless. It is told that there is a magic user a little ways off who might be able to fix this problem, so off Lina goes, riding a rather intelligent horse. On the way, she happens to run into Xelloss, who has had the misfortune to become the next of Martina's infatuations. Martina's assumptions may not be too far off the mark when she notices Xelloss' eyes on Lina... then again, Xelloss' eyes always seem to be closed. Anyways, they proceed on to the magic user's house as a group... Xelloss leaves for a little while to see what havoc Martina can bring upon them.

It just so happens that there is a demon by the name of Zazan who wants to make life difficult for Lina and Martina, and he keeps throwing down lightning bolts and zapping them. He stops so they can find the magic user's home. Well, they don't find anyone but a little girl with pink hair. Guess what? She's the magic user.

Well, there is a ritual which Lina can undergo to cure herself... only Martina screws it up and blows up the cauldron. Not only that, Zazan strikes again, with a horde of Brass Demons in tow. Well, Xelloss and the girl, Kira, hide in the shadows until it starts getting rough. Then Xelloss steps in, casting two spells - one of which activates his talismans, the other of which sends a burst of flames throughout the area, surrounding Zazan. Xelloss gets rid of Zazan... but Lina wants the talismans! She and Martina throw out counteroffers, and Lina finally breaks down and trades all of her stuff for it. Xelloss, surprisingly, hands over his four talismans to Lina. Then... Martina finds something in Kira's cauldron which might have been worth more - a Clair Bible.

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