Just for FunI'm very well aware that my page is probably no different than any other Slayers page ... maybe even worse. ^^; So I decided to put in two sections of my own to be at least a tiny bit different from everyone else. I sincerely hope they make it better in a good way .. ^^;
 The stuff on this page is a bunch of nonsense that I do when I'm bored. Again, everything on this page is a JOKE - it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the original series, ok? So don't flame me! Like the title says, it's just for fun. So have fun already!! PS - the stuff on this page is defintely off limits. Please don't be stupid enough to take my meaningless babble. ~Elienta

Best Couple? - a mix match of everyone on the show You Know You've Watched Too Much Slayers When

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