Playing Cupid - unfinished

 warning - the paragraphs below contain spoilers of the above fanfic. If you want to read the fanfic first, click on the title above.

 Do you know what my problem is? I can NEVER finish a fan fic without another idea popping into my head. Don't be fooled by all the unlinked titles to your left. All of them are already finished and written out - in my head. ^^; I've even started to put a few of them down on paper, but I decided not to link them for now. One at a time, please.

 I'm still hesitant about comedy fan fics. I'm not used to writing funny stuff to begin with, and I have a huge tendency to get oh so dramatic as I write my stories. I know I always rant that I'm tired of romance (please don't understand - a lot of the fan fics I like are romance, but quite interestingly a lot of the fan fics I dislike are also romance) but while I was searching for a suitable comedy topic, here's what I came up with - let's try marrying off the only single member of the Kenshin-gumi! Hey, Tae-san's got to marry sometime, and she's one of my favorite characters. So I obligingly picked out a nice, handsome. rich gentleman for her. The only problem is her friends. *laughs a little*

 Don't expect nothing but comedy. There IS a plot to this story besides Tae's and Kamui's courtship (and I KNOW a lot of you out there are laughing at his name.... *bows apologetically to X fans*) but it's nothing really major or anything. Just some minor action - enough so you guys don't all fall asleep! ^_^

 Disclaimer - Rurouni Kenshin (c) by Nobuhiro Watsuki, published by Shueisga Inc., Tokyo. All characters are the creation of Watsuki-san, with the exception of Hiko Karen. The storylines were written by Elienta. Please respect both authors. ^^;