And that is the closest you'll ever get to seeing my face. ^^ (This pic will change from time to time)

Name: Elienta

Age: 17

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: student (duh)

Hobbies: animation (big surprise), writing, Celtic stuff, RPG, drawing, Internet

Location: Korea (South, for those of you who really were about to ask)

Favorite Anime Series: Slayers Next, Escaflowne, Sailormoon, Evangelion, Saint Tail, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, Lost Universe, Wedding Angel Peach, Slam Dunk (ok, I'll stop)

Favorite Anime Movies: Mononoke Hime, Rurouni Kenshin, My Neighbor Totoro, Whispers of the Heart, Slayers Gorgeous, Sailormoon SS, Evangelion (Death and Rebirth), X, Akira

Favorite Manga Series: Rurouni Kenshin, Lineage, X, Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Basara, Psyche, Hotel Africa, Tokyo Babylon, Sailormoon, Island, E'S (too many to name.. - -;)

  The most common question I receive - how do you speak (write) English so fluently? I grew up in the US until I was thirteen, and now I'm eighteen. Even though it's been five years, I can still speak English intelligently. I have a passion for writing, and I hate numbers (my math scores are inhuman). I am presently attending a Korean school, and I can speak the damn language fluently, although English is still my first. I am a Catholic, but I like studying other religions such as Wicca, Buddhism, Shamanism, and Astrology. If you plan on mailing me with threats about hell because of this you are wasting your time. Although I welcome a distraction. It brightens my otherwise boring day.

 You might notice a mild amount of "hentai" or violence in my stories. The most annoying thing I see on the Net, on fan fiction pages is that banner that says "HENTAI FREE". Goddess, what are we, in kindergarten? I think most of us are old enough to handle a certain amount of "hentai". I am against nudity and violence that has no real purpose - for example, a fan fic about Kenshin's and Kaoru's first night that is simply chock-full of detailed descriptions on how they **edited** each other is nothing but porn. If I want to read that junk I'll go to those sites that pop up in my email under the subject "FOR ADULTS ONLY!". On the other hand, if you can describe the unsureness and desire between the two without going graphic, hentai is perfectly excusable. Just remember all good things are in moderation. (Aristotle, people)

 One thing you might be interested in is the subject of Japanese animation in Korea. If you go to my other page - Elienta's Slayers Collage - you can read one of my rants on this subject. For those of you who DON'T know, or are too lazy to go and read my rant, Japan was one cruel country around 50 years before WWII. Nearly every single country in Southeast Asia (except Thailand) was once under Japanese rule, and Korea and China suffered the cruelest consequences under their oppression. SO... you can imagine how Koreans loathe to let anything Japanese into their country, unless it's a necessity. Yes, I know a lot of us consider animation a necessity, but would YOU like to try telling that to our government? ^^;