10.8 - I'm very sorry, but until November updates are out of the question. College application junk is keeping me busy, plus my entrance exams are in November. So until everything is over (it could be all over by the end of this month, or I might have to wait until the end of November) I don't think I'll be able to do much. If you want to be notified of my updates, please email me or sign my guestbook, and I promise to got back to you later. ^^

 I'm not sure about why other people write fan fics, but as for myself, I just like to write over-all. Animation/manga inspires me, and usually I add a character or two and play around with the story to make it suit my fancy. However, I also think the most important thing in writing a fan fic is to stick to the original personalities of the characters, Many fan fics I read seem to forget this in their urge to "pair" everyone up. While romance does run through almost all my stories, I've tried to spin a storyline that doesn't depend so heavily on heated scenes for the plot to unravel.

 This is not exactly an alternate reality fic, but you may find minor points that disagree with the original. I've tried to stick to the manga storyline background as much as possible. Japanese? Almost none. The main reason being I don't know enough Japanese to use it! The only Kenshin I've seen is the manga series, and all that's in Korean. So if there's any Japanese in here that's incorrect, please tell me!! Feel free to criticize me as you please about the content.

 Warning - If you haven't read at least the Kyoto episode (where Shishio comes out) these fan fics might not make much sense. Not to mention you'll probably figure out the entire Kyoto storyline while reading. These stories begin after the Kyoto storyline- the Revenge storyline never happens in my fan fics.

Hiko Karen  -  a beautiful hitokiri, daughter of a geisha and a kenkaku, and most likely the only girl ever to learn Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu. After spending most of her teenage years as an geisha, now she wanders the countryside as a secret agent for the government. She is as beautiful and witty as any geisha, but at the same time her blade holds all the fury of the dragon. Her adventures begin when she is assigned to the Kamia Dojo to protect the "Kenshin-gumi" from an enemy, and there she meets a group of people that warm her restless and tired soul. Will she, like Kenshin, ever be able to find rest from the winds that all wanderers are doomed to follow? (Geez, this sounds like a book commercial...)

About the Author (like you guys really want to know)

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