The worst thing about Korean school life (and let me tell you, there are a LOT of things that stink) is exams. Especially at our school. Exams last for six days, and we take three exams each day. Sometimes we take two subjects at once. That's roughly 20 subjects. Essay questions? Never. You have to memorize literally everything you've learned that term if you want to get a decent grade.

 Unfortunately, I grew up in the American education system for 13 years before I moved to Korea - which means that memorizing is not my forte. I like to write - I prefer essays and reports. Not to mention I'm still not all the way comfortable with Korean. Imagine trying to memorize 50 pages of a language you're not comfortable with. @_@ Fortunately, I was able to get over a 90 in Ethics without staying up the entire night before - having read Sophie's World a few months before - we learned Western Philosophy this semester. What was funny was that our teacher had told us that he would take the exam questions almost exactly from our workbooks (all our workbook questions, btw, are multiple-choice). So my friends memorized the answers, while I simply re-read the first few chapters of Sophie's World. While I read each and every question and answered them, my friends simply skimmed the choices and picked the answers they had memorized. But in the end *I* had the last laugh. o_O The teacher had switched the choices with the questions so that the answers were all different from the workbook. *laughs evilly - ooo~hohohohoho*

 There is one good thing about exams - you get to come home early. Last year I used that time to chat - that evil thing called time difference keeps me from being able to meet my friends that live in the US since we both chat at night. One of us has to chat in the afternoon. If my mom knew... *shivers* But lately I haven't chatted at all. All I do when I turn on my com is go to my Slayers club and post a message. Then I check my email. Then I go to my RPG clubs. Then I turn my computer off.

 Talking of clubs.... an annoying newbie has invaded our peaceful Slayers message board as of late and practically wallpapers it with junk every day. People, when you first join a club, PLEASE don't feel obligated to post a reply to every message that come up. Some people do it to make their presence known. And believe me, you WILL make your presence known. It's like painting a target board on your ass.

 Right now I'm waiting for my friend to call me.... we're supposed to go watch a movie tomorrow. He has a really neat Slayers page (it's in Korean, but pictures and mp3s have no language) here. Check it out if you're still bored. ^^;

 I really should go clean my room. *trots off to her room, which looks like it's been hit by a hurricane*