Other PagesAlready bored with my site? - -; ::sob, sob:: Anyways... I've sorted the links by content, and I've been to all the pages that I've linked to, so I can assure you that there are no awful pages among the links. - -; I've tried to pick ones that don't take forever to load (the Loading song... hehe ^_~) but I used a LAN connection while searching for pages so don't flame me if it takes longer than expected! As soon as I find the time I will add some short comments about each page. I will also add more links ... soon. ::hides from murderous glares:: Please contact me if the links don't work, or if the pages have moved, or if anything else has happened that I should be aware of. Or if you think your link should be added! ^_^ Happy surfing! ~Elienta

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