Random RantsI was reluctant to make this page; mostly after hearing about the experiences of others being flamed for doing something similar.  But I mean, my page is so so so boring and empty and just like any other Slayers page out there, so I decided to risk my neck and put this section up. So sue me.
 Anyway,.this section contains my opinions (more like ravings) about not only Slayers but the state of anime in general. I suspect most of the below will make no sense since I frequently rant about Korean ignorance about anime ... they edit soooo many scenes it's not even funny! As if Slayers was made for three year olds .. *grrrr* but I'm starting to hyperventilate here .. so anyway, enjoy! ~

Slayers vs Eva                                    Japanese Anime in Korea

About Dera/Demeter                           Manga and Animation



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