I cannot believe that the heroine of this series has so little shrines! On the other hand, Zel shrines are so thick that you trip over them. I love Zel, but there are limits.

Lina Shrines -

  Lina's World

Gourry Shrines -

  Hikari O! The Gourry Gabriev Shrine
Kell's Gourry Shrine

Zelgadis Shrines -

  Zellina's Zelgadiss Gallery
Zelgadis Takes Over the World
All Zel, all the time!
The Ultimate Zelgadis Shrine

Amelia Shrines -

  Amelia's Fortess
The Amelia Shrine
My Amelia Shrine

Other Shrines -

  Filia's Teahouse
The Ultimate Princess of Power: Naga!
Thane's Naga Shrine
Mazoku University

Couple Shrines -

  A Shrine to Lina and Zelgadis
Obsession :: a lina-zel couple shrine
Church Against Amelia and Zel
The Rezo and Zelgadiss Shrine
Zel-Lina Shrine
Zelgadis and Amelia's Shrine of Cuteness